How to Back-up Your Computer in External Hard Drive

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Most people never think losing files will happen until it happens and they are caught without backup. Backing up your data is an easy process especially with this advanced technology and there is no reason not to have one. You can recover backed up data irrespective of how you lost it, you just need to have done back up. Therefore, whether you have Windows or Mac OS X, it is recommended you do data backup regularly. Here’s how to back up your computer in an external hard drive:

On Windows

If you want to back up your windows data, here are the steps you should follow:

Get a backup drive

This can be any USB external disk depending with your preference and availability. However, it is recommended that you acquire a storage drive that has twice as much storage space as your computer to enable you have multiple backup and offer you enough space for all the files you might need to back up in future.

Plug in the storage disk to your computer

After you plug the storage disk in, Windows will ask you if you want to use it as back up. You need to accept the prompt to back up your data. However, if you don’t get this prompt, you can just go to the start menu and type ‘backup’ in the search box. Then hit backup and restore and you will be ready for a backup process.

Start back up

You need to then click ‘Set-Up Backup’ button and then pick the disk drive you plugged in as the storage option and hit next. Since your Windows default settings are set already, you just need to hit next to finalise the backup.

Finalize Backup

After hitting ‘Next’, hit ‘Save Settings and Run Backup’ to finalise the process. Windows will then make its first backup on your disk drive and after that it will make regular backups in background as you work – you therefore don’t need to do it again. It is important to note that, you are not supposed to turn off your computer when doing its first backup to avoid losing data.

After you’ve backed up your files, you can recover them at any time if you lost or delete them. You just need to go to the Start Menu on your system and type ‘Backup’, then go to ‘Backup and Restore’. Hit ‘Restore My Files’ or ‘Restore User Files’ and you will get your files back.

On Mac OS X

If you need to back up your Mac data, the process is similar with the only a slight variation. For instance, after plugging your disk drive, you should hit ‘Use as Backup Disk’. If you don’t get the prompt, go to System Preferences then to Time Machine and set the disk drive as a backup disk. Then, from Time Machine’s preferences, hit ‘Select Backup Disk’ and then choose your external storage drive. You will be set and an automatic first back up will be done with subsequent backups done on the background as you work.

If you will need to restore data or a file in OS X, just click on the Time machine icon in your menu bar and then hit ‘Enter Time Machine’. Then, search through your old backups to locate the file you lost and then restore it.

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