Floppy disk & external disk are usable from data recovery in protection

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Outdated and Effective Technology

Some people might be surprised that floppy disk & external disk are usable from data recovery in protection. These devices are certainly extremely outdated from the perspective of the timeline of technological progress. However, a lot of devices that become outdated don’t actually become outdated because there’s anything wrong with them. In some cases, it’s just a matter of economics.

Planned Obsolescence

People push out older forms of technology to make way for the new ones. They do this in order to make more money on the newer forms of technology. As such, a lot of people will spend money on newer forms of technology while getting rid of all of the stuff that they already have, in spite of the fact that a lot of this older technology technically works just fine. This is a process called planned obsolescence.

Perceived Obsolescence

A lot of people think that floppy disks and external disks are completely useless. As such, in practice, this is exactly what happens with them. They become useless in a way that almost amounts to a self-fulfilling prophecy. This is largely due to the fact that a lot of people will start abandoning them, driving the price down, and making it less economical to manufacture them at all.

Some devices are no longer built with the capability of reading floppy disks and other forms of external disks. This means that people who might have used the floppy disks in the past are not going to be able to use them in the present.

However, there are situations where people just won’t use floppy disks and external disks in spite of the fact that they could do so, and they would save a lot of money in the process. They might do this just because of the widespread perception that there is something wrong with using floppy disks and external disks. People might be afraid of being perceived as out-of-touch.

Of course, it is also possible to gain social status from using older forms of technology for contrarian reasons. Some hipsters have been able to do this with typewriters, for instance. It is possible that floppy disks and external disks will more or less come back into style in a way that seemed impossible with the typewriter.


There is no doubt about the fact that floppy disks and external disks still work, in spite of the widespread perception that they have suddenly lost their ability to function as a result of the changing times. However, a lot of people might be surprised by the fact that they just can’t store a lot of data. This is one of the biggest problems associated with them, and it is one of the reasons why they went out of style.

However, for the people who do not have a great deal of data in the first place, this is not going to matter all that much. Some people might find that floppy disks and external disks suit their purposes perfectly.

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