What is Linux and how linux use to recovery from data

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What is Linux?

This is an open –source operating system which is mostly used and is well known. This is a coordinates over all other software on a computer by receiving requests from the programs and sending the requests to computers hardware.


How Linux is used to recovery data.

Data is important part in our professional and personal life .We could have lost a large expanse of nothing less without data which is found in email, spread sheets, files, folders and databases.

When tragedy occurs data has to be discovered and know the tools you are going to do the job with. Linux therefore recovers the lost data using the following tools.



This tool recovers data from machine with partition issue and file system and it easier to work with.RescueCD helps most of partition formats and tools needed to recover data are included which are the following sfdisk, Gparted, Testdisk, FsArchiver PhotoRec and many more of tools to work with them. Using a CD or USB drive this rescue tool works by booting your system and also uses the drives to work with your file system. SystemRescueCD offers a complete assistant in recovering your data. Using external hard drive built-in Samba and copy data you’re able to rescue data from one machine to another. And if you’re recovering or repairing a partition table, copying the sensitive data is recommended to avoid further damage.


There are also other rescue system found in SystemRescueCD which each has its advantages and disadvantages getting the job done. They include Trinity Rescue Kit, Knoppix.


Individual rescue tools.

After getting complete distribution, purpose driven tools are recommended in recovering data. This tools include: Drescue ,Testdisk and Photorec.



This tool copies data from one file or block device to another. You should know this about this tool that; not to use it to read or write a large drive or partition, not to repair file with I/O errors.

This tool recovers data from failing drive to an external source.



This does not try to recover the data but tries to correct partition-level issues that prevent accessing or recovering of data. Has following functions; recovering of lost partions, fixes a partition table, restoring of file system tables, restoring of boot sectors and many more.



This tool is used to recover lost photos, files and videos .This is part of test disk so installing this disk photorec is ready. Looks into suppressed data and ignores the file system. Meaning if you have damaged file system, data can still be recovered.


Trinity Rescue Kit

Though it is slow what it offers is great and this is a command tool. One places it on USB, booting of virus laden machine, and therefore scanning of placed drive with antivir.


Gparted Live.

Allows you to change partitions on a drive. It is used in supporting various files systems and you’re able to create, delete, and resize partitions. Its portable thereby you can run it from a CD or a USB drive.



Rescues data from sick machines. It is a complete distribution with a user-friendly GUI that allows you to place a drive easily and copy the data.



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